Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula
Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula
Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula
Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula
Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula

Professional Coffee Cupping Set Saula

Design Lluis Saula 

This set contains: 

- 1 Sommelier Cup©

- 1 special methacrylate cover

- 1 leaflet with specific information about coffee cupping

Espresso coffee is one of the most aromatic drinks that exists worldwide. However, a special cup for its tasting had never been designed before. 

Just like wine glasses, the Sommelier Cup© has been created in order to concentrate and appreciate each shade of aroma the espresso coffee has to offer. Its unique patented design includes a chamber, to oxygenate, extract and enhance all the aromas, from the most delicate and imperceptible to the less volatile.

The Sommelier Cup© is made of fine porcelain to ensure optimum temperature, and a concave bottom to avoid breaking the fall of the crema. Its 30ml capacity makes it the perfect cup for espresso, and its design without handle allows better control and fusion between the hand and the cup.

In addition to the cup, you will find in this set a leaflet with all the information you need about espresso tasting, as well as an exclusive methacrylate cover. Designed especially for coffee cupping, this cover prevents heat loss and ideally keeps the aromas inside the olfactory chamber, when placed on the cup before the tasting.

A unique, complete and different way to taste your espresso coffee.


1.- Take the entire sommelier cup caressing it with your fingers and tilt it to observe the color of the espresso cream. Then smell the coffee without stirring, to appreciate the more volatile aromas it has: it is the first impression.

2.- After shaking it gently with a circular motion of the wrist, sink your nose into it without complexes to breathe in all the espresso aromas as a whole: as you have never done before.

3.- Sip a small part of the coffee and focus on the different flavors and intensity, the body, the mouthfeel and the balance.

Finally, through the aftertaste, analyze the different aromatic families, which do not have to coincide with those of smell.

4.- To finish, try to quantify the persistence, the aftertaste on the palate and the final impression of the coffee.

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