How you make an espresso is as important as the quality of the coffee.
At Saula we want all our customers to get the best espresso.

A team of qualified technicians with fully equipped repair vehicles provide technical support to our customers every day of the year (364 days).

In the event of a fault, we have replacement coffee makers you can use
while we repair yours.

Saula staff will visit your business premises every week or fortnight. You can order coffee and all of Saula’s other products.

Our staff will also check the status of your coffee maker: coffee levels, water temperature, that the filter is working correctly, etc. They will also check the grinder setting, the grinding level and the condition of the burrs.

This is an exclusive service for all our customers. To learn exactly how your coffee maker works.

A specialist will show you how to make the best espresso and how
to froth up the milk. You will also discover the secrets of new creations
such as coffee cocktails.

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