The best kept secret inside this special fruit lies in all the magic it’s capable of releasing. A cluster of sensations and infinite possibilities for the senses of the most daring.

A sensory journey
through the Indian subcontinent.

Mujer india entrando en edificio

Our first trips to India revealed us that, when the senses are put to work as one, sensations blend, merge and exchange. Realising incomparable aromas, flavours and textures.

This is our Dark India recipe, a
powerful organoleptic combination that is difficult to describe.

Lata de café dark india
Cuenco de india

We make this recipe with a careful selection of 100% Arabica beans, which provide us a very aromatic, perfumed coffee, with a dense structure and light acidity; with toasted notes reminiscent of dark chocolate and spices such as clove and nutmeg.

The most daring palates will be surprised by a cup with character, bitter but elegant, and will be carried away by a long and intense finish in the mouth.

Taza de café dark india

The coffee route

Karnataka. The intensity.

The first stop takes us to the tropical plantations of Karnataka, India's main coffee-producing region. The humidity thickens the air and we understand why the grains grown in this area brim with intensity. Everything is powerful here. The people, the culture, and the way coffee is grown. We quickly connected with their way of understanding everything and made it ours.

Tamil Nadu. The nuances.

As soon as we set foot in Tamil, we realised: here every corner has a different aroma. The nuances are palpable. We lost ourselves in every detail. It is impossible to describe the versatility of these lands, and its sensory atmosphere. This is how we wanted our coffee to feel.

Kerala. The depth.

At the last stop on our journey, we let ourselves go till the depths of coffee. Until we were fully immersed in a process we are passionate about. And at that point we felt the need of sharing it. It was here, at this point of the journey, where everything seemed much more relevant, where we finally found the inspiration for our Dark India.

Kit sommelier de cata para café

Dark India
Tasting notes.

A 100% Arabica coffee, made from plantations in India and Ethiopia.
Notes reminiscent of spices, such as nutmeg, or cereals; aromas of dried fruits and reminiscences of chocolate. Very marked roasted empyreumatic notes. And an elegant, very long and intense aftertaste. An espresso with abundant cream.

A very powerful coffee with complex aromas.

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Emblema 100% arabica

Unique method

Careful selection, slow roasting and a consistent formulation. This is how we pass on our creative passion.


    An exclusive 100% Arabic blend containing 70% sourced from India.


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