The most authentic and special taste. Premium Organic, a 100% organically grown coffee that seeks harmony by blending Arabica coffees. Our most balanced proposal for those who respect not only coffee but our environment.

The greenest coffee

On a trip to New York, Lluís Saula realised the importance of listening, observing and learning from the public. There, he found the inspiration to come up with the creation, launch and communication of what would become the first national organic coffee.

Thanks to his tireless curiosity and infinite respect for the needs of coffee lovers, Lluís managed to develop and produce a coffee from 100% organic plantations. This green coffee not only avoids the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, but also guarantee a higher price at source, while promoting fairer market conditions.

These are Lluís personal notes from that fruitful trip:

Getting lost in New York.
Finding inspiration.

Day 52

We're already on the market. The product is slowly moving. At the moment, we're a very niche proposition, so we are selling in the specialist retail and gourmet channels. At the on-trade channel, we're going slowly, but we're sure that in a few years, the New York queues will take place in Spain.

Day 30

It's decided: let's do it! We're going to expand the Premium range by betting on a 100% organic coffee. It's a little-known product at the moment, it's a risk, I know. But when we launch it, we're going to be the first to receive the CCPAE (Catalan Council of the Organic Production) certification in Spain. Exciting times ahead.

Day 7

Every minute I spend in NY it becomes clearer to me. The future of coffee is here. I am fascinated by everything behind the product. A sustainable, pesticide-free and naturally processed coffee are guarantees of quality that fit completely with my personal values, but above all, with those of the Saula brand.

Day 3

Today, I wanted to experience this coffee revolution in my own flesh. Wandering around Soho, intoxicated by its aromatic nuances, I decide to enter several organic shops. Out of all, I grasp a milder coffee, with floral and fruity notes, something that is enhanced by the usual American way of preparation: a medium roast combined with a preference for long coffee.

Day 2

NY, more than ever, reveals itself to me as one of the most avantgarde cities in the world. All over the country, there's a growing interest in organic food, something totally opposite in Spain. And I certainly have the belief that these trends will soon become everyday realities across many urban spaces.

Day 1

There's nothing I love more than getting lost in the crowded streets of New York. Its sounds, confusing; its passers-by, crowded together; the mixture of aromas floating in the air.... It's something I know and recognise when I set foot in the city again. But there's something different about the streets I walk today: the queues at the cafés serving organic coffee.

And so it was. Years after its launch, the organic and ecological trend arrived in our country and the interest for sustainable products became strong. Even consolidating in a specific market. Today it has become the best-selling consumption reference and the one that has grown the most within the Premium range.

Kit sommelier de cata para café

Great Premium Organic Espresso
Premium Organic
. Tasting notes.

A balanced blend of different Arabica coffees from certified organic plantations in Brazil, Central America and Africa.

A coffee with intense and distinguished aromas.
Primary floral notes reminiscent of orange blossom, citric fruits, and a background of cereals.
In the mouth it's fruity, intense and with a lively acidity.
Of dense cream, for a long and well-balanced aftertaste.

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