The coffee with Saula's identity par excellence. The aroma and taste of our family, of our tradition. 5 varieties of arabica coffee blended according to our original recipe, unhurriedly and with the utmost respect. The first blend in the Premium range.

The coffee of those who share our passion

Bodegón latas cafe premium original

The tale of perfection

Chapter 1

1989, the dream begins

The story of the Original Premium range begins in the late 80s, when all the know-how, tradition and authenticity of Lluis Saula Pons, passes into the hands of his son, a young Lluís Saula who decides to leave his own food business and lead the family business.

If there was one thing Lluís Saula Pons learned from his own business experience, was the obsession for quality and the need to keep a look to the future for constant innovation.

The world of coffee, at that time, did not stop evolving. And the Saulas never stopped imagining what it would be like to discover all the treasures that the organoleptic world of coffee hid.

Lluis Saula e hijo

Chapter 2

The 1990s, a long way to go

Until the 1980s, coffee was a scarce commodity in Spain due to the Francoist dictatorship Thus, the coffee business and its production were property of the state.

With the liberation of the market, dedicated companies felt the impulse to offer a better product. Despite this, in the 1990s, the palates of the Spanish were still accustomed to the more bitter aromas of roasted coffee. Offering a 100% Arabica product seemed impossible, since it was perceived as a watery, tasteless coffee with an inconsistent cream

Chapter 3

Tireless curiosity

With the aim of launching a 100% Arabica blend and thus making the high-end business evolve, the Saula family carried out many tests.

Following this premise, Saula launched the White Label Blend, which quickly began to be sold in the hotel industry. But what they did not take into account is that mixing the best coffees does not imply that they are compatible. The product failed and the company understood the need for constant technical training to achieve the level of coffee they dreamed of.

Café premium original con etiqueta blanca
Laboratorio de café

Chapter 4

Italy, espressos and a lot to learn.

Driven by the compelling need to know everything and offer the best, Lluís Saula moved to Italy to train at the Traders coffee laboratory in Mila. There, he learnt their innate inexhaustible curiosity and that the most precious and noble coffee in the world is the 100% Arabica variety.

Chapter 5

A new direction

On occasion of the 50th anniversary, Café Saula launched Premium Original, a creation that has marked a before and after in the company's history. And which is undoubtedly the result of hard work, humility and infinite curiosity.

Mesa con latas de cafe premium original


Premium Original is the brand's most balanced formula and the most representative type of coffee that the Saula's like. But if there's one thing this coffee signifies, it is that this tale of creation, innovation, passion and respect has no end in sight.

Kit sommelier de cata para café

Premium Original Espresso.
Tasting notes.

100% Arabica Fine Cup coffee from Central, South America and India.

A powerful and frank coffee in aromas.
Primary notes of nuts, hazelnuts; and secondary notes of spices, vanilla and empyreumatic notes such as toasted bread.
Sweet and intense in the mouth. Evolving to a medium acidity and a dense cream.
Round and fleshy, with a long and persistent aftertaste.

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Emblema 100% arabica

Unique method

Careful selection, slow roasting and a consistent formulation. This is how we pass on our creative passion.


    Selection of Arabica coffee from small plantations.The result is a very aromatic, full-bodied coffee with an intense flavour and fine acidity. A sweet, chocolatey cup with persistent cream.


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