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Hospitality and catering services.

Because only by offering a comprehensive service can we guarantee a premium experience for high quality coffee.

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Our salesmen visit each location on a weekly basis. And on each visit, they deliver and check the products while adapting to the client needs.

Latas de café y una taza
Furgoneta Cafes Saula

Technical service

We have a fleet of 8 workshop vehicles with qualified technical equipment. And in the event of having to remove a machine due to a breakdown, we offer a replacement one. In addition, our service is open from Monday to Sunday all year round.

Maintenance service

We guarantee a visit every two months to carry out an exhaustive revision of the machinery: grinder, grinding point, condition of the burrs, coffee machine, filter, water temperature, levels and coffee drip.

Servicio de mantenimiento de una máquina de café
Formación para puntos de venta

Trainings at the point of sale

We offer training, in Saula or on site, from Expert Coffee Baristas (espresso + latte art) and Machinery (espresso machine + grinder).

The most profitable espresso on the market

The superior quality of our coffee is not only smelt or tasted, but also felt in your business. Premium Saula is the most profitable espresso that exists due to its aromatic excellence, its cup/kilo ratio and the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Sello café rentable

The new generations of coffee experts.

We know that transmitting the passion and respect we feel for coffee is essential to keep it alive. That's why we offer a variety of courses and trainings, because the barista's hands are key to us.

Technical and practical courses

Our three expert baristas offer three training options.

Coffee Sommelier Course:since 2015, the most complete course for future espresso tasting experts.

Barista Competition:since 2017, for future professionals in the HORECA sector.

Consortium Barista Course: since 2019, training subsidised by the consortium for continuous training.

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