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Sommelier cupDesigned by Lluís Saula
Patented Model

100% Aroma

  • Aroma

    Concentrates and intensifies all the aromas

  • Ideal size

    30 ml. espresso

  • No handle

    Cup with increased ergonomics

  • Fine porcelain

    Better temperature preservation and a
    fine lip edge

  • Concave bottom

    Prevents the espresso cream from breaking when dispensed

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Why the sommelier cup?

Espresso coffee is one of the most aromatic and fastest growing drinks that exist in the world.

However, a special cup has never before been designed for its tasting. This cup has an aroma chamber.

Properties of the sommelier cup

  • It oxygenates and concetrates the aromas.
  • It enhances and intensifies the aromas.
  • Retains the temperature longer, up to 6° C*
*After 3 minutes of dispensing in relation to a standard espresso cup.

Coffee cupping with the Sommelier cup


Take the Sommelier cup as a whole caressing it with your fingers and incline it to observe the colour of the espresso crema.

The colour of the crema should be hazelnut.

Without stirring, smell the most volatile aromas of the coffee and assess their quality and intensity.

Then stir slightly to take in all the aromas as a whole and appreciate its final intensity. (See aroma and flavour wheel)



  • The tasting step begins with a first slurp of coffee to evaluate the flavours (sweetness, acidity, bitterness, saltiness, sourness, umami) and their intensity. It's a first impression or attack.
  • Then you will appreciate the evolution in your mouth, the silkiness, the body and the balance of the coffee.
  • Finally you will evaluate the aromas through the aftertaste (see aroma and flavour wheel) and with the finish you will appreciate if it's lingering, short or medium in the mouth.
"Espresso coffee is one of the most aromatic drinks that exist and to tast it in the Sommelier Cup achieves the maximum expression"
Lluís Saula Puig
Master Roaster
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