A method that guarantees superior coffee

To make a cup of coffee, 54 perfect coffee beans and an infallible method are needed. This is the only way to achieve a high quality coffee with the respect it deserves.

Sello método de procesaso de 7 pasos

Only best sorted

From large, undamaged sieves.

The first step to offer a premium coffee is to choose an Arabica coffee. At Saula, we only work with beans from the best plantations, from large sieves and with the least number of defects.


the same formula

Same aroma, same flavour, same body.

Despite the changes in the coffee market, at Saula, since its foundation in 1950, we have followed the same creation and preparation formula. We respect what we do because we respect what we offer you, with the same guarantee of quality year after year.

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final check

A 100% clean coffee.

The different high-quality Arabica coffees we use are natural and come washed from origin. But even so, when they reach us, they still contain impurities and defects. That's why our coffee must pass up to 7 different selection processes to offer you a 100% impurity-free result until the highest quality.

Granos de café en una mesa

Slow roasting
for 15/17 minutes

Maximum spectrum of aromas thanks to homogeneous roasting.

An important rule for preparing high-quality coffee is not to be in a hurry. That's why, at Saula, we perform a slow roast for more than 17 minutes at 205° C. Only this way we achieve a homogeneous and uniform roasting of each bean. This is the artisans preferred type of roasting, as quality is more important than quantity, guaranteeing the aromas develop at the right time.

Grano de café


We don't adulterate it with water.

To maintain the optimum degree of coffee humidity and aromas, at Saula we don't cool with water, but with an exclusive air-based process. When the roaster considers that the roast is at its ideal point, we pour the content of the cylinder into a cooler. This consists of a tray with a perforated bottom through which the cold air circulates. After cooling, the coffee is sent to the silos for a few hours so that it can fully develop its aromas.

Our gaze

Three week

Our packaging, the secret of optimal maturation.

After roasting, our Saula Premium Arabica coffee is packed in metal jars to rest at a constant temperature for at least three weeks. This is how all its organoleptic registers and nuances are refined.


Metal container
with aroma valve

Maximum preservation. Maximum purity.
Superior quality coffee.

When in contact with air, roasted coffee ages rapidly and loses its properties. For this reason, at Saula, once roasted, we pack our coffee in the ideal container, guaranteeing an ideal and long-lasting conservation.


    Selection of Arabica coffee from small plantations.The result is a very aromatic, full-bodied coffee with an intense flavour and fine acidity. A sweet, chocolatey cup with persistent cream.


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    Meticulous selection of Arabica coffee from small mountainside plantations, grown with organic methods. 


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    An exclusive 100% Arabic blend containing 50% of the Bourbon variety. The result is an exceptional coffee with a strong aromatic character.  This blend has an intense flavor and a good body, combining to create a delicate taste.  Its sweet aroma has notable hints of  nuts, chocolate and caramel.  


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    An exclusive 100% Arabic blend containing 70% sourced from India.


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    Selection of Arabica coffees picked on the world's most renowned plantations. Decaffeinated through a natural extraction process. Full-bodied espresso. A smooth cup with persistent cream.


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