Tireless creators
with all due respect

To make a cup of coffee, 54 perfect coffee beans and an infallible method are needed. This is the only way to achieve a high quality coffee with the respect it deserves.

Coffee enthusiasts
since 1950

Our story begins with a small shop opened by the founder Lluís Saula Pons in the Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona, in the year 50. Very soon his wife, Mª Teresa Puig Montserrat, joined the business, bringing her commercial skills and an unparalleled enthusiasm. less than her husband. Since then, finding, roasting and sharing with you the coffee we love has been our top priority. And it is from respect and perseverance, but above all, from the passion that moves us.


Lluís Saula Pons founds his
first roaster in the neighborhood of
Sant Antoni of Barcelona

Punto naranja
Entrada al primer tostadero Cafes Luis Saula en el año 1950
Logo Cafés Saula 1950-1970
María Teresa Saula en 1970
Maria Teresa Saula en 1970
Punto naranja

Mª Teresa Saula, the first-born daughter,
joins the company in the business
management department


We move the headquarters to
Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Punto naranja
Cafes Saula en Sant Feliu de Llobregat en 1974
Logo Cafés Saula 1974-1989
Lluis Saula con su padre en 1989
Punto naranja

Lluis Saula Puig takes over
the management of the company together with his father


We managed to sell
500.000Kg of Coffee

Punto naranja
Joan Saula comprobando la calidad del grano de café

Integration of the well-known
Ascaso Work Shop in Coffee Saula,
giving a full service
to hospitality

Familia Saula 1990
Lata restauración café gran espresso premium natural
Punto naranja

Was born the Great Espresso
premium, following our
path to excellence

Punto naranja

Joan Saula joins our team
as Purchasing Manager


We began to offer our
baristas training

Punto naranja
Barista vertiendo cafe en una taza
Sala de formación para baristas
Logo de la patente Café Saula premium
Punto naranja

Lluís Saula patents the brand
Saula Premium


we started working on the
can format as pioneers

Punto naranja
Primeras latas Primeras latas
Punto naranja
Logo Café Saula en color naranja

On our 50th anniversary,
we decide to rebrand and shift our image
to the unmistakable bright pale
orange colour


We become the 1st Spanish
company to launch a
100% Organic Coffee range

Punto naranja
Primera gama Café Saula 100% ecológico
Mesa con Café Borubon en formato molido y grano
Punto naranja

We launch the
Premium Bourbon range

Fruta de café en unas manos

We launch the
Premium Dark India

Punto naranja
Lata de Café Saula Dark India
Taza Sommelier de Café Saula
Punto naranja

We conceive, design and
launch the Sommelier cup

Punto naranja
Evolución de las latas de Saula a lo largo del tiempo

The new Saula generation

From our founder to currently his three sons, the tradition and love for the things well done have endured over time. Because only when you keep intact what makes you special, you can continue to be so.

Lluís Saula

In one way or another, Lluis Saula has always been linked to the company founded by his father. But it was his parallel experience with his own food business that gave him the necessary knowledge to make the family project grow and evolve.

Lluis is curious, restless and entrepreneurial by nature, traits that have made him, and therefore Café Saula, pioneers in the generation of deep and complete experiences around coffee. His travels, perfectionism and innovation, combined with the passion and respect he feels for what he does, are the bedrocks that sustainthe family business.

Having trained as wine Sommelier between 2018-2021, led Lluis to develop an organoleptic world around coffee, bringing it closer to wine tastings and building a parallel universe that culminates in the launch of the Sommelier Cup.

Discover the sommelier cup

Joan Saula

Joan Saula is the technical component of the family business. He joined the company in 1996 as Head of Purchasing, but it wasn't until 2005 when he took on the Quality Manager role. Joan is responsible for guaranteeing the highest quality coffee, meaning the selection and origin of the grain, the roasting process and the packaging; All to ensure a holistic quality control.

Joan has an outstanding olfactory and gustatory sensitivity, qualities that have been brought to light by years of laboratory testing. These are essential for the creation of fine, balanced coffee blends.

In 2017, with the intention of taking his sensory skills to a higher level, he decided to become a certified Q Grader, an exam consisting of 22 tests, certified by the SCA and which signifies the most prestigious title as an Arabica coffee taster. So is the exigence, that the certificate has to be renewed every three years to keep up to date and gauge his level of specialisation, demand and professionalism.

See premium coffees
Joan Saula

The art of making
our planet last

Because we respect the coffee we make, we respect the land that gives it to us. We understand the only way to continue sharing quality coffee with you is by caring for and loving the planet that makes it possible.

That's why, from cultivation to packaging, we are demanding, responsible and rigorous in our understanding of coffee and its environment.

We guarantee
a sustainable production

15 years ago, Café Saula was the first company in Catalonia to obtain the CCPAE certificate (Catalan Council of the Organic Production). With it, we became pioneers in the production of 100% organically grown coffee.

Since 2006, we have been developing a range of fair trade coffee beans under the Café Amigo brand, which selects its beans from the mountainous areas of Central-South America and Africa. The result is an aromatic, low-acid, sweet bodied cup with a persistent crema. Thanks to the FLO seal (Fairtrade Labelling International), we guarantee that the coffee has been produced and traded under international fair trade standards, offering you a friendly solidary cup.

Montaña llena de plantas de café verdes
Lata Café Saula reutilizada como mazetero

100% recyclable
and reusable cans

Over the last few years, we have been committed to offering a quality product that is also good for the planet. That's why our packaging is recyclable and organic. Both our cans and lids can be disposed in the red bin and our coffee capsules are fully compostable.

Get inspired by the ideas of other coffee lovers. Find out how to reuse your Saula can.

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A culture that unites us.

Coffee is not just coffee. It’s stopping for a moment. It’s breathing. It’s getting lost in the aroma. It’s sharing time. It’s creativity, a ritual, but above all, it’s yours. That's why we treat not only coffee, but everything built around it with the utmost respect.

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