Gran Espresso Premium Original

Selection of Arabica coffee from small plantations. The result is a very aromatic, full-bodied coffee with an intense flavour and fine acidity. A sweet, chocolatey cup with persistent cream.

Gran Espresso Kopi Luwak + Cups

The grain of this coffee is produced organically in the digestive tract of a mammal called a luwak, a civet that lives in the forests of Java and Sumatra. The enzymes in its stomach give the coffee a rich and intense aroma with caramel and chocolate notes.

Gran Espresso Premium Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

Selection of Arabica coffees picked on the world's most renowned plantations. Decaffeinated through a natural extraction process. Full-bodied espresso. A smooth cup with persistent cream.

Gran Espresso Premium Bourbon Ground Coffee

An exclusive 100% Arabic blend containing 70% of the Bourbon variety. The result is an exceptional coffee with a strong aromatic character.  This blend has an intense flavor and a good body, combining to create a delicate taste.  Its sweet aroma has notable hints of  nuts, chocolate and caramel.  

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