Premium GENUINE ETHIOPIA Specialty...

Premium GENUINE ETHIOPIA Specialty Ground Coffee 250g.

100% Arabica 250 gr. ground coffee

Premium Genuine Saula range, specialty coffee.

Aromatic coffee of medium intensity, fruity with notes of wild fruits and flowers, chocolate.

Full-bodied and medium acidity.

An elegant and fruity cup.

Plantations: Limu and Jimma

Altitude: 1,800 masl

Species: Arabica

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Washed and Natural

Presentation: 250g metal container. ground coffee

SCA score: 84.25

Ideal method of preparation: Filter Coffee, French Press, Moka coffee maker.

In Ethiopia there are thousands of unexplored varieties and those that are known remain intact. Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee, the varieties are specific to each area. Many times we find that Ethiopian coffee is of the Heirloom variety and what it means is that it is ``ancient root'', it does not define the variety itself, but it is generic. The variety bears the name of the area in which it grows and where it has been growing for several years, it must have the characteristic flavor of the area, that is, it has a specific cup profile. It is an unknown cafe for many people and yet it is the largest area of ​​Djimma. It is mostly a Forest coffee and Semi-Forest. Due to the altitude and dense shade, coffee grows slowly and at stable rates, there is no cyclical production but it is stable year after year. The potential in quality is enormous and it has great attributes not found elsewhere.

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