Premium GENUINE COLOMBIA Specialty...

Premium GENUINE COLOMBIA Specialty Ground Coffee 250g.

100% Arabica 250 gr. ground coffee

Premium Genuine Saula range, specialty coffee.

Very aromatic, intense, fruity coffee with eminently citrus notes, sweet, balanced with a medium body and fine acidity.

An intense, citric and honeyed cup.

Plantation: Hacienda Santa Bárbara

Altitude: 1,650 masl

Species: Arabica

Variety: Colombian

Process: Washing

Presentation: 250g metal container. ground coffee

ACS score: 86.25

Ideal method of preparation: Filter Coffee, French Press, Moka coffee maker.

In Santa Bárbara there is a great mixture of volcanic soils, high altitude and an incredible microclimate. The cultivation altitude is 1650 meters, this high altitude causes the coffee to take longer to mature, and therefore denser and richer beans are produced. This height is enhanced by a specific microclimate created by the Cauca River valley. The warmth of the valley protects the coffee from the cold Andean nights, allowing coffee to be grown at higher altitudes. Selective harvesting is the most complex part of producing a high-quality cup of coffee, which is why collectors are encouraged to select only fully ripe beans. This philosophy has translated into great quality results.

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