First and foremost, Café Saula is a company which offers high range products and Premium quality. We import, select, and roast the most refined and valued coffees, and manage internally the distribution service as well as the technical assistance, to satisfy our clients’ needs in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Our coffee beans are carefully selected in the best plantations of each origins. Once we receive the commodity, we carry out an exhaustive cleaning, through several Selection Processes, to eradicate any foreign matter or defect which could have remained after the beans were initially washed at the source. 

When the bean reaches its optimum conditions, we start a traditional slow roasting process, in which we control the physical and organoleptic parameters we need to obtain an outstanding aroma. 

Finally, we take special care in the packaging process, using airtight metal containers and, depending on the product conservation’s needs, including an aroma control valve or packing in a protective atmosphere. These conditions enable the coffee to age better, maintaining its flavour and quality much longer. All our portfolio contains high quality products and comply with all relevant food and hygiene regulations. 


In Café Saula, our main objective is to offer a Premium service as well as utmost quality in products and technical support to our hospitality clients and our retail customers.

Throughout this whole process, our employees are the key and our main guarantee to reach and maintain the excellence we constantly aim for, from ensuring production and product quality to giving a top-notch personal service to our clients.  


Over the years, we have constantly been committed to continuous improvement and innovation in all our processes and equipment. In the same way, we always thrive to make our products’ packaging more sustainable and respectful with the environment. 

October 21st, 2020


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