First of all, at Café Saula we are a company oriented towards high-end and Premium quality products, we import, select and roast the finest and most appreciated coffees, and we carry out the necessary distribution and technical assistance services to satisfy the needs of our customers the most sustainable and respectful way with the environment.

We are committed to product traceability, to contribute to the certification of our products with the Ecological and Rainforest seals.

Our coffees are carefully chosen from the best plantations of different origins. Once we receive the raw material, a deep cleaning of impurities is carried out through various selection processes. When the grain is in optimal conditions, a slow and traditional roasting begins in which we control the physical and organoleptic parameters necessary to obtain a quality formula as a result. Finally, we carry out a careful packaging system with watertight metal containers, and, depending on the product, with a one-way valve or sealed with a protective atmosphere, which allows us to maintain and preserve all the flavor and quality of the coffee for a long time. All our products are of quality and comply with all current regulations on food safety and hygiene.


At Café Saula, our main objectives are to offer our clients a Premium service of the highest quality to serve the hotel and food industry, both at the product and technical service level.

Throughout this process, our employees are the main key and guarantee of excellence at all times, from product quality to face-to-face customer service.

That is why we take care of training staff continuously, so that they are competent to fulfill their responsibilities and thus participate in the continuous improvement of processes.


For many years at Café Saula we have constantly worked for continuous improvement and innovation in all our processes and our machinery. In the same way, for a long time we have been looking for new ways to make all the packaging of our products more ecological and sustainable, respectful of the environment.

Café Saula is committed to the human rights recognized in national and international legislation, following the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Likewise, it complies with the applicable laws regarding labor rights and conditions, health and safety, as well as environmental protection.

Café Saula has established a grievance mechanism available to individuals, customers, workers and/or other organizations.

January 8, 2024

The Management

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